-Getting Artsy-

One of the photo editors that I have now in my mobile phone is the amazing PicsArt. Please see link: ( https://picsart.com/ ).

I've downloaded several free stickers on this app since they offer users with these amazing stickers that can be used as the primary art or art enhancers for free. But because I am so hooked with this app, I purchased some of its premium stickers. I used these stickers to create amazing effects and artsy images with some photos I published online. 

I would like to share here on my blog some of the edits I made using PicsArt stickers and filters. You can actually put stickers or filters depending on the mood of your photo. You may have to put primarily a sticker as a subject or get a subject and then add enhancers that can be looked artsy. If I am not mistaken, the price range of every premium sticker is $1 or $2 ( Php 42.00 - 99.00 Philippine peso).

I started using the app since 2015. Had it from my old mobile phone and up to this day with this new phone. And even on the other devices, I still have it in them. I always suggest this app to my close friends who I knew are artsy and creative people. 

Below are the images created by PicsArt:

1. Mermaid in Coachella Mood

2. River Mermaid

3. Some Fellas

4. This Girl is on Smoke

5. Bitch, what yah say??

6.  We Love Aliens Couple 

*to be continued....


Dirty Pretty Things

“I suddenly realized it’s no coincidence the two middle letters of life are if. For every action we make, there is a reaction. The outcome often beyond our control, fragile and fraught with ruinous consequences. Like a soap bubble made real by a gentle breath only to be taken by it.”
Michael Faudet, Dirty Pretty Things