Just Another Year of this Journey Called Life

by - September 08, 2017

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!!!!

Hey Guys!

Blessed and contented.  Another year has passed and being grateful is not enough to describe how I went through this journey. T'was a blast! So happy with these people who always there for me. Love you guyth!!!!!!

Got a date on my birthday :D

Thank you once again. :)

The Pyramid, IT Park Cebu City

Menu :)

Birthday girl :)


Thank you Guyth :)



Rainbow cake :)

Baby Back Ribs :)


Happy kid :)

My birthday date :) <3

Salamat Lord God for this life!!!


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“I suddenly realized it’s no coincidence the two middle letters of life are if. For every action we make, there is a reaction. The outcome often beyond our control, fragile and fraught with ruinous consequences. Like a soap bubble made real by a gentle breath only to be taken by it.”
Michael Faudet, Dirty Pretty Things