Sulbing (설빙): A Must Try Korean Cafe

by - April 04, 2017

Hey guys!

I am happy to share another Korean cafe food trip. This cafe named Sulbing, which refers to a "Snow ice" in Korean (hanja: 雪冰), serves a high-end Korean desserts. In 2013, this cafe opens up to 490 stores for real Korean businesses and expanded from Korea up to 16 different countries including the Philippines. 



While waiting for our orders. :)

As my personal love of Asian beauty and culture, this cafe is listed in my bucket list of  'A Must Try Experience Before I Die'. Lol. This really is a must try cafe to those foodie like me who loves to try a brand new cafes or newest trend of food/desserts. First, I actually have doubts because Sulbing is known for its expensive menus and it's my first time to this high-end Korean cafe that people are talking about. So without further ado, I posted some of  Sulbing's best seller desserts.

Injeolmi Snowflakes Sherbet

Injeolmi Snowflakes Sherbet is the bestselling menu at SULBING. It doesn’t have red bean, unlike normal snowflakes 

Injeolmi is their best-selling Sulbing.

Coffee Sulbing

Real Choco Sulbing

Real Choco Cheese Sulbing

Mango Cheese Sulbing

Oreo Sulbing

Blueberry Mango Sulbing

Berry Yogurt Sulbing

Mango Strawberry Sulbing

This branch is located in eBloc2 building, IT Park Cebu City.

From inside the cafe :)

Inside the cafe.

Yaay! I love how they designed the inside decors of the cafe and the lights are complementing the ambiance as pretty as a Korean trademark. We ordered their Blueberry Mango Sulbing that's good for 2 persons for as low as Php 400.00 (in Philippine peso).

Top view of their Blueberry mango Sulbing.

Here she is, so pretty :)

We also ordered hot drinks since we are dealing with a large bowl of snow ice and we might get a brain-freeze after effects. Lol. So we decided an Affogato for me and a large size of Cappuccino for him. 

Top view of our hot drinks.

Affogato is LOVE.

Well, hell yeah hahahaha....

Happy :)

After we tried their best-selling Blueberry Mango Sulbing and their hot drinks, so far all we can say is that you deserved a five star cafe experience. You wouldn't believe how Sulbing turned everything yummy into a tasteful bowl of natural sweetness, creamy, and healthy Snow ice desserts.

Hopefully, you'd try to visit this branch and experience Korean desserts. :)

-행복 유지 -

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