The Fourteen Feet Struggle in Kawasan Falls

by - February 22, 2017

Hey Guys,

Coming here in Badian was planned before the day of the trip. It was unexpected but Vanna, a friend suggessted to get her car on the trip so we were excited to spend our rest days to explore waterfalls. The Kawasan Falls, a three-layered waterfall, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the province of Badian. Canyoning tours are offered upstream of the kawasan falls, where the Matutinao river flows through a secluded canyon. There is also the Badian mountain range and the popular trekking destination of Osmeña Peak.

Hello there, Vanot!

First waterfall of Kawasan falls is not that high but water falls from it gives you chills on the inside. You really can feel the strong force of the water coming from the second waterfall above the hills.

First Waterfall :)

This first waterfall snap photo has a unique beauty that captures your eyes upon arriving in the area. There are cottages on its left side where you can buy foods and drinks.  They serve seafood cooked to your own preference, grilled meat and pork, and fresh fruits. Affordable rates of beautiful cottages.

Going to the second and third waterfalls will give you body aches. But those aches, are worth a million times if you finally reach the last waterfall. The second waterfall has (approx. 40 ft.) forty feet above the ground. We didn't have the courage to jump in the 40 feet waterfall so we decided to try the last one up above the mountain and hills.

Beautiful !!!!!

Now that we reached the third and the last waterfall, we courageously took the chance and jumped in a fourteen feet waterfall. I can tell that it was my most unforgettable moment in my life. I finally jumped in and faced Acrophobia. It was a success!

We also made friends with other tourists and other locals. That trip was superb!

In our way before going back home, we stopped at Badian's dairy cafe where you can buy cow's fresh milk and other  preserved dairy products. Their milk cow's ice cream was the best!


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