The Exploration of Cebu's Taj Mahal: Temple of Leah

by - February 20, 2017

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. 
- Frank Borman

Hey Guys, 

Want to share some photos during our exploration and travel last year at Temple of Leah. This temple was made from a man's undying love to his late wife. It was Teodorico Adarna who thought of building a monument of his love for his late wife, Leah. People said this Temple of Leah is the Taj Mahal version of Cebu, Philippines from that Taj Mahal of India. Entrepreneur Teodorico Adarna, grandfather of a TV actress Ellen Adarna, dedicated the temple to his wife of 54 years. Leah died of lung cancer in 2012 at 69. The edifice is meant to be a repository of her items gathered from her travels.

Here are the photos we took during our trip: 

Statue of Leah.

Front entrance of the temple.

Temple of Leah front view from the inside temple.

Over-looking Cebu from the top view of the temple.

Breathtakingly beautiful :)

Office mates :)

Searching for a peso coin pose :P

Boots on the floor :)

Pine trees on the left side of the temple.

One of the Golden Lions :)

This :)

Office mates :)

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