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by - February 07, 2017

Hi Guys!

---- The K- Effect ----

Lately, I am addicted to these Korean Beauty Products- the iWhite 3in1 Whitening Face Cream, Moisturizer, Nose Pack, and Pore Balms. Loving the effect of their moisturizer and I am using it daily. Available iWhite products in tube and can be purchased at any Watsons, Rustan's, 7Eleven stores.

In sachets :)

In tubes :)

---- The K- Effecct ----

First time to use this Korean Beauty Cushion made by April Skin Korea. Very Korean effect to your face and I am loving it. Three shades available. I bought it through online shop with the only online shop accredited to April Skin care Korea. I'll tag later the Instagram account of the shop here.

Magic Snow Cushion :)

---- What's Inside of my Beauty Kit ----

Some of my favorite makeups are here, posting it publicly. :) Nyay! These beauties are perfect for Office look and for ladies who are working graveyard shifts. I am kinda hoarding makeups that will fit perfectly on my budget. Maybelline New York is one of my choice makeups in terms of budget and quality. Second is NYX Cosmetics. These beauties are always present in my bag wherever I go.

NYX Wonder Stick Duo for highlighting and Contuoring, Maybelline New York Foundation, and Maybelline Fashion Brow

My Favorite Matte shade from Maybelline New York

---- Makeup Tools and More Beauty Products----

Loving this concealer from Shawill Cosmetics perfect for highlighting selfie. :P

High Def Concealer :)

---- Rimmel Primer ----

This one is love. Purchased at Retail Shop near Cebu Doc Osmena Cebu City for only Php 480.00.

---- Lip and Cheek Tint ----

This one is the winner. You can wear it anytime you want on top of your busy sched whether morning or afternoon or even at night. This will get you a fresher look and more natural glow for your cheek and very natural shade good for your lips.

Pink Puff shade :)

---- Can't Live without these ----

These brushes are my life. :( Purchased it online for a cheaper price.

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