Crimson Summertime Madness

by - February 26, 2017

Hey Guys,

Want to share one of my 2016 summertime wanderlusts. Nestled in one of the country’s most prestigious tourist destinations, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan is a sprawling 6-hectare beach resort and spa with 40 luxurious private villas featuring individual plunge pools and 250 guestrooms that combine both comfort and style with its contemporary Asian style. A deluxe beach resort on the island of Mactan, Crimson is a 20 minute drive away from the Mactan International Airport.

Front view near entrance. :)

Beautiful cottages in front of the hotel. <3

Stunning view :)

We arrived at Crimson exactly 10 AM where sun's so bright and sunscreen creams started to melt on your skin due to a salty-kissed of sea breeze. Checked in and toured for awhile.


Cherry Trees

Beach feet :)

And of course, we were not prepared if we didn't have these beach buddies :)

Got our bags kept in place and then there, we were like breathing the fresh air coming from the crystal blue sea and sky.

Summer feels :)

Took our lunch with Crimson's yummy food. Super amazing and super classy; the entire place and hotel rooms as well as the wall decors and the lobby and lounge designs.


Fresh Chicken Kinilaw :)

Four seasons drink :)

After our lunch, we headed back and got our skin toned in the heat of the sun and breathed the fresh air from the sea. We were calling ourselves back then , beach babies. :)

Breeze-kissed legs :)


Chilling :)

Excuse my selfies here :P

And with these poops groufie selfies :)

Poops :)

poopers :D

Got wet in the pool, these buddies were unstoppable. XD

Under the bridge :)

Underwater shot :)

This scenic and overflowing pool at the heart of Crimson hotel gives an enormous relaxation.



This is LOVE.

- Carpe Diem -

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