Bohol Escapade was Love.

by - December 26, 2016

Say Hooray! Bohol escapade was love. 

One in my bucket lists for my wanderlust is Bohol. Bohol is a lovely place to stay and it is a place to spend your vacation. You will not regret about spending a little bit of your salary, just for one or two days.  Bohol is a one ride of a ferry boat from Cebu. If you want to get there on time, you can use FastCraft  'fast jet- boat' in less than two hours. 

One of my colleagues at work asked us to spend her birthday with us (*circle of friends) in their place which will be held in Bohol and it happened that more of us from her circle were not been in that place so for the excitement,  we decided to go on our rest days.

I was always ready so,

Beach babies :)

Part I

*Kanang ikaw ray ngduty gikan taz diritso pa Bohol, di lalim.*
*Kanang di kauban imong uyab Kay duty pod niya, unya bilin nalang sa siya. Faetah!* 
*Kanang pag-abot sa Cebu port dili pa mo completo.*
*Kanang excited kaayo ka muabot dayun sa Bohol, Kay laag ra ang utok.*

Part II

*Pag abot Jud sa Bohol Kay na amazed ang atabs! Da! hilom OKs nindot Jud kaayo ang Bohol.*

Part III

We rode on a hired van courtesy of our celebrant who made there early as we were para mag asikaso sa amoa laagan ug sa uban pang itinerary sa grupo so with her cutie little Bubu we enjoyed the ride from port to city proper and to our destination.

Part IV

This part is busy namig prepara sa food and picture taking, selfies o mapa groufie Jud!
Taod ug tent, after pangaon Kay mutogs naman.

Part V

After an over night on a beach, we headed as early as 6am to Balicasag Island for island hopping and Coral Reefs diving. We boarded on a boat and headed for almost 2 hours. While on the boat, we passed with many tourists who were back and forth on the islets. 

Part VI

Balicasag tourist guide were awesome and accomodating. Affordable prices for snorkeling and you will never be bored once you get to look underwater. OMG!!!! Ka nindot sa coral reefs mura man ug garden.

Part VII

After island hopping, diretso namig pa Tarsier sa bukid. I was so excited to see a Tarsier or climb on the Chocolate Hills. Finally, kits nakog Tarsier but dili lang mahikap ug ang Chocolate Hills dili masakaan but OKs ra kaayo happy na kaayo ang atabs! Hahaha


Part IX

Palit pasalubong Kay daghan Patay-gutom, joke!
Ting pamaul awp * pamauli na diay! Arang ka yopaks but worth it man pod. So Mao to uli nami.
Again we rode on a FastCaft para kauli dayun!

Here are the photos taken in Bohol !!!!

Part VIII here*

Stunning :)


Beautiful :)

Beach is Heaven.

White sand :)

Coral plants :)

Boat like that :)

HDR shot

Turista :)

Chilling here.....

Another resort hopping :)

Balicasag boats.

and this sea creature....

Balicasag shore...

And the food was yummy.....

This is from a Loboc Foating Resto :)

Man-made forest :)

This is a Man-Made forest in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Tarsier :)

Chocolate Hills :)

Hello there, Tarsier !!!

A Hundred steps ....


Abot-tanaw Chocolate Hills

Artista oh :P

Wanderlust :)

And this one is superb :)
Road to Chocolate :)

Beach Baby :)

- Carpe Le effin' Diem, Biatch -

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